Freitag, Januar 26, 2018

Still, Still, Still by ADB Designs, Heartfelt Masks by A Fish Designs

Hello, Sarah here. Can you believe, that the january is nearly over. In germany you can buy in many shops easter products...

Now, i will show you a great winter mini kit

Still, Still, Still Mini Kit by ADB Designs

and the great mask boarders from A Fish Design, a highlight for every layout.

Heartfelt Split Border Masks 1 by A Fish Design

That are my layouts. By the first layout you see my 3 childs. The photo was taken last sunday, there we had a lot of snow.

I like the snow, but i hate the rain. Now the snow is away and it is raining again and the heaven is grey always.

By the second layout you see my 2 girls. i love the photo, a wonderful moment, where they hugs another. It was so cute. So the Mini Heartfelt 2 by Marie H Designs was perfect for this photo. The kit is full of love. the Mask from A Fish Design is another eyecatcher on my layout.

Thanks for looking, i wish you a wonderful weekend.


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