Freitag, März 25, 2016

Drama Queen DD by Andrea Gold Designs

Drama Queen DD by Andrea Gold Designs
Andrea Gold has the daily download for Mar. 24-31, 2016!  Each day you will get a new piece of this new kit.(Note: The preview is of the full mini kit that can be collected over the download week or purchased. The full mini kit is not included in this product.  Check back each day and collect the entire kit. )


You get a beautyful kit for little girls with amazing elements and papers.

here you can see my little queen, but sometimes she is a dramaqueen...

Andrea Gold has some great deals in her store,too.

They also have the yearly Legacy Club subscription for only $45 right now!

If you spend $15 in the store, you can get our March 2016 collab kit free too!

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